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    Youth Task Force

    The Youth Task Force (YTF) advises the Board and OCFP on matters pertaining to youth, cross-collaborate with other youth commissions across the county and attend relevant events where they can share the County’s priorities related to youth in Santa Clara County. Members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

    Youth Task Force, County of Santa Clara, OCFP


    YTF Mission

    The mission of the YTF is to provide a voice for youth in the decisions and policies of government agencies and community organizations that affect the lives of young people. 

    Meeting Information

    The YTF meets on the second Wednesday of every month from 5:00-7:30 pm in the Board of Chambers Room at the County Government Building (70 West Hedding St, San Jose).

    Interested in Joining the YTF?

    The YTF has 16 members. Each member of the Board of Supervisors appoints 2 members from their district. The remaining 6 members are appointed by the Board from throughout the County on a rotating basis. Members must be in 8th-12th grade. They must serve for at least 2 years but can serve for up to 3 years. A member who is in or entering grade 12 at the time of their appointment shall serve a term of one year. 


    Recently in the YTF


      About Us

      Click on the tabs below for more information on the YTF. 

      Seat 01 (non-rotating)


      Daniel Angeles

      Term Start: 09/01/2022

      Branham High School

      Seat 02 (non-rotating)


      Shrinand Bangalore

      Term Start: 09/01/2022

      Evergreen Valley High School

      Grade 12

      Seat 03 (non-rotating)

      Kiran Bogusky

      Kiran Bogusky

      Term Start: 09/12/2023

      Bellarmine College Prep

      Grade 10

      Seat 04 (non-rotating)

      Naomi Lyn

      Naomi Lyn

      Term Start: 10/06/2022

      Monta Vista High School

      Grade 09

      Seat 05 (non-rotating)


      Nitya Kaki

      Term Start: 09/01/2022

      Milpitas High School

      Grade 10

      Seat 06 (non-rotating)


      Varnika Arun

      Term Start: 09/01/2022

      Archbishop Mitty High School

      Grade 10

      Seat 07 (non-rotating)

      Anagha Dogiparthi

      Anagha Dogiparthi (she/her/hers)

      Term Start: 10/18/2022

      Wilcox High School

      Grade 11

      Seat 08 (non-rotating)

      Henry Yao

      Henry Yao

      Term Start: 10/18/2022

      Lynbrook High School

      Grade 12

      Seat 09 (non-rotating)

      Anushka Tadikonda

      Anushka Tadikonda

      Term Start: 09/01/2022

      Saratoga High School

      Grade 11

      Seat 10 (non-rotating)

      Evani Purohit

      Evani Purohit

      Term Start: 12/05/2023

      Presentation High School

      Grade 11

      Seat 11 (rotating)


      Hermyone Ketz Patricio

      Term Start: 08/15/2023

      Voices Charter School Morgan Hill

      Grade 09

      Seat 12 (rotating)

      Grace Wang

      Grace Wang

      Term Start: 09/12/2023

      Valley Christian High School

      Grade 12

      Seat 13 (rotating)

      Kushleen Kaur

      Kushleen Kaur 

      Term Start: 06/27/2023

      Independence High School

      Grade 09

      Seat 14 (rotating)

      Nico Fischer

      Nico Fischer

      Term Start: 06/27/2023

      Santa Clara High School

      Grade 10

      Seat 15 (rotating)

      Kendall Nord

      Kendall Nord

      Term Start: 09/27/2022

      Mountain View High School

      Grade 10

      Seat 16 (rotating)


      Shravya (Vya) Raghava (she/her/hers)

      Term Start: 08/15/2023

      Saint Francis High School

      Grade 12

      The application period for the YTF is now closed. Check back next year to view the vacancies for the 2025-2026 YTF. 

      Our Work Plan has three objectives.

      This includes mental health awareness, data analysis and presentation, and educational awareness. 

      Take a look at our workplan for the 2023-2024 term

      Contact Us

      Melissa Luu - Youth Task Force liaison

      Reach out to Melissa for questions related to policies and membership. 

      Email: [email protected] 



      In addition to monthly meetings and an annual retreat in August, we will post upcoming events that members of the YTF are participating in here! 

        Youth Opportunities

        Click the tabs below to find out more about the opportunities for youth to intern, volunteer, or find leadership positions. 

        Santa Clara County Intern & Earn Program

        County Internships

        Office of Children & Families Policy Internship: The intent of this internship is to provide support for youth to conduct research or work on policy issues that cannot be completed during the regular Youth Task Force meetings to further the work of the Youth Task Force. The findings can be presented at the annual Youth Task Force retreat and can also help guide the annual work plan.  The application period for Summer 2024 is closed. Check back next year for updates on the internship for Summer 2025!

        County of Santa Clara Intern & Earn Program: The County of Santa Clara has a variety of internship opportunities for youth. Visit the Intern & Earn Program website

        County of Santa Clara Student Internship Program:  The County of Santa Clara provides a Student Internship Program for youth. The program has opportunities for youth ranging from high school to graduate students. Learn more on the Employee Services Agency Student Internship Program website.

        PARTI Program: An amazing internship, stipend, and service positions for students to seize an incredible opportunity for personal growth and professional development. Students will get the chance to build essential workforce readiness skills, forge career connections, and make a meaningful impact during the summer. Interested students can contact [email protected] or call (408) 561-4664 or learn more about the internship on the PARTI Program website.


        County Volunteer Opportunities

        The County of Santa Clara has many volunteering opportunities provided for youth. Click on the links below to learn more about community volunteering opportunities that are offered for youth:  

        1. In the City of Santa Clara: City Community Volunteer Opportunities 
        2. In the County of Santa Clara: County Community Volunteer Opportunities  
        3. Volunteering Events in the City of San José : Events for Events for Volunteer Opportunities]
        4. From National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Santa Clara County: Volunteer Opportunities 

        (NAMI Santa Clara County cannot hire youth under the age of 18, BUT they can help volunteer at NAMI events)


        Bay Area Volunteer Opportunities

        1. Acterra: Action for a Healthy Planet
        2. Alum Rock Counseling Center
        3. Billy DeFrank LGBTQ+ Community Center
        4. Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County
        5. Community Solutions
        6. Community United San José Alma Youth Center
        7. Computer History Museum
        8. Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY) Program
        9. Friends of the Saratoga Libraries
        10. HandsOn Bay Area
        11. ICAN Community Center
        12. Inspiring Love of Science & Nature
        13. Marine Mammal Center
        14. MarinHealth
        15. Palo Alto City Library (PACL)
        16. Positive Alternative Recreation Teambuilding Impact (PARTI) Program
        17. Razing The Bar
        18. San Francisco Zoo & Gardens
        19. San José African American Community Services Agency (AACSA)
        20. San José Public Library- Alum Rock Branch
        21. San José Public Library - Berryessa Branch
        22. South Bay Youth Changemakers
        23. Tully Free Library
        24. United Way Bay Area (UWBA)
        25. YMCA Silicon Valley

        County Leadership Opportunities

        Apply to join any Youth Commission in Santa Clara County. View any Youth Commission of your choice with vacancies for the upcoming year, as well as leadership positions within those youth commissions. 

        The application period for the YTF is now closed. Check the About Us section of the website next year to view the vacancies for the 2025-2026 YTF.

        Bay Area Leadership Opportunities

        1. California Youth Leadership Corps - CLP
        2. Inspiring Young Emerging Leaders (I-YEL) - Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
        3. Youth Leadership Institute 
        4. Silicon Valley Youth Climate Action

        2024 Youth Leadership Summit

        Thank you to all who attended and supported the 2024 Youth Leadership Summit on April 27, 2024, at Oak Grove High School! 

        This in-person event was designed to inspire young leaders to improve wellness in your schools and communities, learn about policy development, and connect with leadership opportunities!


        If you have any questions or comments regarding the 2024 Youth Leadership Summit, please email us at [email protected].

        View the 2024 Youth Leadership Summit Program

          Sarah Duffy: Chief Children's Officer for the County of Santa Clara

          Sarah Duffy, Chief Children's Officer of County of Santa Clara

          Sarah currently serves as the County of Santa Clara’s first Chief Children’s Officer, leading the Office of Children & Families Policy within the County Executive’s Office. Sarah brings a child centered approach to her work, informed not only by years of service in child and family programming, but also by being the parent of two children. Sarah is thrilled to be part of a County that prioritizes keeping every child safe, every child healthy, every child successful in learning, and every child successful in life.  For more information please visit: OCFP - Office of the County Executive - County of Santa Clara (


          Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade: Associate Professor at San Francisco State University

          Sarah Duffy, Chief Children's Officer of County of Santa Clara

          Jeff Duncan-Andrade, Ph.D., is Professor of Latina/o Studies and Race and Resistance Studies at San Francisco State University. He was a founder of the Roses in Concrete Community School, a community responsive lab school in East Oakland ( and has been a classroom teacher and school leader in East Oakland for the past 29 years. Duncan-Andrade’s pedagogy has been widely studied and acclaimed for producing uncommon levels of social and academic success for students. He lectures around the world and has authored numerous journal articles and book chapters on effective practices in schools.  For more information please visit: Jeff Duncan-Andrade | Race & Resistance Studies (


          Dr. Mary Ann Dewan: Santa Clara County Superintendent of Schools

          Dr. Mary Ann Dewan, Santa Clara County Superintendent of Schools

          Dr. Dewan, Santa Clara County Superintendent of Schools, a celebrated statewide leader in inclusive education, has dedicated 37 years to public education. Recognized for her youth focused work and commitment to serving the community, Dr. Dewan is passionate about diversity, inclusion, and social justice. She strives to promote equity-focused system change at local, county, and state levels. Dr. Dewan participates in nonpartisan advocacy to guide education policy and funding in early learning, mental health, and special education. Leveraging youth voice, platforms, and partnerships, Dr. Dewan improves equity and access to high-quality education to support all learners.

          James R. Williams: County Executive for the County of Santa Clara

          James Williams, County Executive of County of Santa Clara

          James R. Williams is the County Executive for the County of Santa Clara, a position he has held since July 2023. He is a first-generation American and the first person of color to lead the largest and most diverse county in Northern California. James’s vision is for Santa Clara County to be a place of belonging for all its residents, including those most impacted by social inequities. He understands the unique role that the County plays as the safety net for the most vulnerable members of our community by prioritizing and investing in safety net services for all people. For more information please visit: James R. Williams - Office of the County Executive - County of Santa Clara (

          Susan Ellenberg: Board of Supervisors District 4

          Susan Ellenberg: Board of Supervisors District 4

          Santa Clara County Supervisor Susan Ellenberg represents a diverse population of just under 400,000 residents in District 4, which includes the unincorporated community of Burbank, much of West San Jose, and the cities of Campbell and Santa Clara. Supervisor Ellenberg serves as President of the Board of Supervisors as well as the Chair of the County’s Public Safety and Justice Committee and the Vice Chair of the Finance and Government Operations Committee. She has made good on her promise to improve equity and quality of life for children and families during her first term in office. She created the County’s first ever Children's Budget to highlight the county’s services for youth. For more information please visit: Susan Ellenberg | Supervisor Susan Ellenberg | District 4 | County of Santa Clara (



          allcove is a space for youth to find community, support, advice or even just a moment of pause. The centers offers spaces for youth to access a range of emotional, physical, and social support services—on their own terms. Services at allcove include peer support, support services for education and employment, counseling, psychiatry, sexual reproductive health consultation.

          allcove will facilitate a wellness activity at the Summit with allcove merch to give away.

          Behavioral Health Services Department: Q-Corner

          The ColleQTIve is an LGBTQIA+ wellness center offering different programs including the Q Corner, the Harm ReduQion Project, the Gender Affirming Care Clinic (GACC), and School Qnection. These programs work together to provide peer support, resource linkage, and mental health services.

          At the Summit, the School Qnection team will provide information on their peer support services, community building events, and trainings. They also plan on sharing information about other LGBTQIA+ youth programs available in the County for students to access peer support groups and mental health services including Outlet and LGBTQ+ Youth Space.

          Behavioral Health Services Department: Substance Use Prevention

          The mission of Behavioral Health Services Substance Use Prevention is "Better Health For All". They aim to provide resources to improve access to treatment for substance use disorders and prevention, Narcan information and distribution. 

          Our program will distribute flyers and pamphlets to improve access to treatment for substance use disorders and prevention, harm reduction, overdose and prescription drug misuse. Narcan spray information and distribution will also be provided for youth.

          Board of Supervisor Sylvia Arenas - District 1

          The Office of Supervisor Sylvia Arenas represents District 1 on the Board of Supervisors, the principal governing body of Santa Clara County. The mission of Supervisor Arenas is to provide total representation – ensuring D1 constituents, neighborhoods and communities have a voice on the Board of Supervisors. In addition to ensuring access to County resources, programs and services, Supervisor Arenas is committed to advocating for public policy that addresses community issues through social equity, transparency, and stewardship.

          The District 1 office will share materials on how to contact the Office of Supervisor Arenas regarding issues that impact District 1 residents, as well as share information on accessing County services and programs.

          CalWORKs Employment Services - Intern & Earn Program

          The Mission of CalWORKs Intern and Earn Program is to transition public assistance recipients to employment and eventual self-sufficiency and ensure that low-income individuals and families receive necessary health, nutrition, financial, and employment services.

          At the Summit, CalWORKs Intern and Earn Program will distribute postcards and flyers to spread awareness about internship opportunities for qualifying recipients. The Intern and Earn Program is aimed toward young adults who are currently on public assistance programs. The program is recruiting participants who can take part in internships at County worksites, non-profits, and private organizations.

          Downtown Youth Wellness Center (DYWC) 

          The DYWC is a County of Santa Clara Behavioral Health program dedicated to promoting a safe, supportive, and youth-focused environment for young people ages 12 to 25.

          DYWC resources at the Summit include information on behavioral health support, peer support, workshops, well-being groups, activities, linkage to services/case management (including medical and longer-term behavioral health services), life skills development, education and career planning, independent living skills, and other related care.

          Excite Credit Union

          At Excite Credit Union, everyone is given the chance to build a financially stronger future, so together we can build a stronger community.

          At the Summit, Excite Credit Union will share information about CalKIDS, the new college savings program from the State of California. CalKIDS provides $500 or more to low-income public school students throughout the state that can be used towards post-secondary education. Over 102,000 students in Santa Clara County have CalKIDS, but just 7,300 (7%) have claimed their accounts so far. We will show students how to claim and view their CalKIDS accounts. Excite will also share information about other youth friendly savings and checking services. 

          Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY)

          The Mission of Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY) is to partner with youth to unlock their potential, disrupt the pipeline to prison, and advance justice in California and beyond.

          At the Summit, FLY will provide resource information about their programs, highlighting the Youth Advisory Council (YAC), and their work projects with the Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council. FLY will distribute program flyers and swag! YAC members will be available to share about their work projects to improve health and wellness, as well as leadership experiences.

          Gardner Health Services

          Gardner's mission is to provide high quality, comprehensive medical and mental healthcare, including prevention and education, early intervention, treatment and advocacy services which are affordable, respectful, culturally, linguistically and age appropriate.

          Their team represents Ethnic Wellness Center and Substance Use Prevention Services, so we will be providing resources from these two programs, including flyers for free Zoom substance use awareness events/mental health events. We also have an open doors program (available in both English and Spanish), where all are welcomed for 8 free sessions of support space where our Mental Health Specialists can connect them to community resources for any issues they may be dealing with. We’ll be sure to bring Gardner branded goodies as well.

          National Alliance on Mental Illness - Santa Clara County (NAMI-SCC)

          NAMI-SCC helps people with a lived experience of mental illness and families by providing support, education, and advocacy; to promote research; to reduce stigma and discrimination in the community; and to improve services by working with mental health professionals and families.

          At the Summit, NAMI-SCC will provide pamphlets full of information about the organization and local resources that are relevant to youth and provide free items like blue stress balls that are shaped like brains with a NAMI-SCC logo, green ribbon keychains with NAMI-SCC logo, and a NAMI photo prop.

          New Hope for Youth

          New Hope for Youth is dedicated to serving and reaching out to young individuals facing adversity and those at risk, along with their families and the community.

          At the Summit, New Hope for Youth will share resources on educational programs, individual and family care that promote a healthy, positive, and productive lifestyle.

          New Victory Outreach/Twilight Ministry

          Victory Outreach Women are called to evangelize and disciple the hurting women of our city, with a message of hope and plan of Jesus Christ. This call is to train, develop, instill and inspire women the desire to fulfill their potential in life with a sense of dignity, belonging and destiny. Our Women's Home- a place to rescue, restore, and redeem- is free of change for women in need of recovery.

          Victory Outreach Women has free events for women to attend, giving them gifts, feeding them, and giving them information about the organization. At the summit, they will be handing out makeup supplies and jewelry.

          Office of Labor Standards Enforcement (OLSE)

          The Office of Labor Standards Enforcement (OLSE) supports the County mission to plan for the needs of a dynamic community, provide quality services, and promote a healthy, safe and prosperous community for all. OLSE is committed to building a just and equitable community for all Santa Clara County residents by creating safe and respectful workplaces.

          OLSE will have wage theft comics and resources for young workers. They will also have a photobooth with a workers' rights theme!

          Office of LGBTQ Affairs

          The Office of LGBTQ Affairs supports the County mission to plan for the needs of a dynamic community, provide quality services, and promote a healthy, safe, and prosperous community for all. The Office provides leadership and support for the well-being and longevity of LGBTQ communities in Santa Clara County through coordinated, integrated approaches.

          At the Summit, the Office of LGBTQ+ will share LGBTQ+ focused health and wellness resources. Fun swag will also be distributed!

          Pacific Clinics

          Pacific Clinics delivers integrated behavioral health care and social services to advance health equity and mental well-being for children, adults and families.

          At the Summit, Pacific Clinics will provide flyers and resources across all agency programs. Pacific Clinics provides services for behavioral health, social services, substance use treatment, and wellness program for children, youth, adults, and families throughout California. Promotional items will also be available.

          PARTI (Positive Alternative Recreation Teambuilding Impact) Program

          The mission of the Positive Alternative Recreation Teambuilding Impact (PARTI) is to promote education around youth healthy lifestyles and healthy decision making.

          Public Health Department - Capitanes del Bosque (Captains of the Forrest)

          The Capitanes del Bosque (Captains of the Forest) mission is to develop youth leadership by encouraging nature exploration within our local parks and open spaces, while fostering relationships with park staff.

          At the Summit, Capitanes del Bosque will provide a guided walk on Oak Grove school grounds to collect leaves and sticks for a nature portrait activity. Capitanes del Bosque will also display two posters on the importance of nature for human health and the impact that bees have on the environment.

          Public Health Department: Tobacco-Free Communities Program

          The Tobacco-Free Communities program at the County of Santa Clara's Department of Public Health strives to improve the health of all residents and the workforce in Santa Clara County by reducing illness and premature death attributed to the use of tobacco products.

          At the Summit, the Tobacco-Free Communities program will provide informational resources on how commercial tobacco use can impact the health of users, those around them, and also the environment. There will also be information on tobacco cessation resources available throughout Santa Clara County for anyone who would like or knows someone who would like support in quitting smoking.

          Registrar of Voters

          The Registrar of Voters (ROV) is County of Santa Clara’s elections official protects and ensures the community's right to participate in fair, inclusive, accurate, and transparent elections.

          At the Summit, the County of Santa Clara Registrar of Voters Office will provide the opportunity for eligible youth to pre-register and offer updates and information on election and civic education resources.

          San Jose Youth Commission

          The Youth Commission promotes resources and opportunities available to youth and provides equitable access and support to marginalized youth communities. Youth Commissioners develop policy recommendations concerning youth and support youth who serve their community through civic engagement and participation.

          At the Summit, the San Jose Youth Commission will share infographics of their 2023-2024 Workplan, and share information about participating in local city events and youth-led initiatives. They will also be recruiting for Youth Advisory Council members!

          Santa Clara County Office of Education: Tobacco-Use Prevention Education (TUPE)

          The purpose of the Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) program is to reduce youth tobacco use by helping students make healthy decisions through tobacco-specific educational instruction and activities that build knowledge as well as social skills and youth developmental assets.

          At the Summit, TUPE will provide tobacco use prevention educational materials, as well as cessation (quit tobacco) resources.

          Santa Clara County Office of Education: Youth Health and Wellness Center

          Santa Clara County Office of Education is seeking to expand mental health support in schools with the goals of reducing barriers to youth in need of support; decreasing stigma around mental health; and focusing on prevention and early intervention.

          The Santa Clara County Office of Education will have youth mental health and wellness resources as well as information around opportunities for youth to lead this work

          Saratoga Library Teen Advisory Board

          The Saratoga Library's Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is dedicated to creating fun, informative and engaging events for teens at the Saratoga Library. 

          At the Summit, Saratoga Library's Teen Advisory Board members will share materials that showcase the TAB. Information will be provided about the structure of the board, past successes, and materials on how to apply. They will bring handouts and giveaways. Interested in joining TAB? Teen residents of Saratoga and Monte Sereno can apply to join the board during the months of June and July each year. The commitment is for one school year. The TAB application can be found here:

          Second Harvest of Silicon Valley

          Second Harvest's mission is to end hunger in our community.

          At the Summit, Second Harvest of Silicon Valley will distribute flyers and pamphlets regarding local food pantries and youth volunteer opportunities.

          SOMOS Mayfair

          SOMOS Mayfair supports children, organizes families, and connects neighbors to uplift the dreams, power, and leadership of community and address systemic inequities.

          At the Summit, SOMOS Mayfair will distribute flyers describing their services and supports, including their Jovenes Flyer (Youth Flyer) and agency brochure. SOMOS will also have swag such as pens, stress balls, and fun items.

          South Bay Youth Changemakers (SBYC)

          South Bay Youth Changemakers (SBYC) builds Asian American youth power by developing young leaders who organize for a more just and sustainable society. We strive to transform economic and social institutions to prioritize people over profit and shape our communities according to our collective needs and values.

          At the Summit, SBYC will facilitate a wellness activity as well as share informational material about their summer social justice leadership programs, such as Critical Connections Summer. SBYC will also highlight their youth-created zine on student holistic wellness. This work was made possible through SBYC's Youth Participatory Action Research project in collaboration with a statewide initiative to improve youth wellness services.

          Victory Outreach San Jose (VOSJ) - Inner City Sports

          VOSJ Inner-City Sports is a local nonprofit dedicated to serving youth in underserved communities and is focused on providing low or no-cost sports programs and activities. Their mission is to promote youth development through team sports. They believe that every child should have the opportunity to participate in organized physical activity and experience the many benefits such as building positive self-esteem and self-awareness as they learn to positively interact with peers, coaches, referees, and opposing team members.

          At the Summit, VOSJ Inner-City Sports will be sharing information on their upcoming sports leagues and tournaments. As well as providing information on how to get involved with either becoming a volunteer or sponsoring a youth or how to donate resources. 

          Vietnamese American Service Center

          The purpose of the Vietnamese American Service Center (VASC) is to address health and social disparities in the Vietnamese American as well as local communities. Our goal is to serve as a hub for County health and human services delivered in a culturally competent and language-accessible manner. VASC offers services including Behavioral Health Services, Valley Health Center, Dental Clinic, Pharmacy, Social Services, Senior Nutrition Program, and various community programs to promote health and wellness.

          At the Summit, the VASC will promote upcoming classes and workshops including Matter of Balance, Bingocize, legal clinics, and Student Pathway to Academic and Community Engagement (SPACE) program.

          Working Partnerships USA (WPUSA)

          Our mission is to lead collaborative campaigns that tackle the root causes of inequality and poverty by advocating for quality jobs, healthy communities, equitable growth and a vibrant democracy, and build the governing power of working families, low-income residents and tenants, and communities of color to lead and govern, and hold elected leaders accountable to their constituents.

          At the Summit, WPUSA will table with Pilipino Association of Workers and Immigrants (PAWIS) and Vietnamese American Roundtable (VAR). PAWIS consists of Filipino immigrants, aiming to bind themselves together to create an organization, which shall have the nationalist and democratic ideals of our people in general, and in Santa Clara County in particular. VAR focuses their mission to organize, advocate, and educate our community through mobilization, advocacy, and education.

          YMCA - Silicon Valley

          The mission of YMCA Silicon Valley is to strengthen the community by improving the quality of life and inspiring individuals and families to develop their fullest potential in spirit, mind and body.

          Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)

          YWCA Golden Gate Silicon Valley is on a mission to eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, help families, and strengthen communities.

          At the Summit, YWCA will share pamphlets on their services, handouts related to healthy relationships, and how to be a safe upstander.

          Young Women's Freedom Center

          The Mission of the Young Women’s Freedom Center (dba Freedom Center) is to provide fiscal sponsorship, operational support, coaching, and training to projects that center systems-impacted women, girls, and trans people of all genders with the primary purpose to inspire and empower young women who have been involved in the criminal/juvenile justice system and/or the underground street economy to create a positive change in their lives and communities.

          At the Summit, Young Women's Freedom Center will provide young people with flyers and pamphlets related to building personal and collective power, information regarding healing from trauma, learning to advocate on behalf of ourselves and each other, and assist youth to gain access to education and work to transform the conditions, systems, and policies that lead to intergenerational cycles of violence, incarceration, and poverty.

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