The Office of the County Hearing Officer

The Office of the County Hearing Officer is located within the Office of the County Executive.  It oversees a centralized administrative hearing process that provides independent review of County public nuisance and code violation determinations and County-imposed fines and penalties.  The Office provides independent hearing officers appointed to preside over hearings as authorized by County Ordinance Code Division A38.

Administrative hearings may be requested for actions taken by the County under the following Ordinances:

Requesting a Hearing

To request a hearing, please complete the Hearing Officer Request Form and submit it, with any related attachments, either:
a.        via email to: hearing.officer@ce​​ ​


b.       by U.S. Mail, express/overnight mail, or by personal delivery to: 

Office of the Clerk of the Board
70 West Hedding Street, East Wing, 10th Floor
San Jose, CA 95110

Scheduling a Hearing

Upon receipt of your hearing request, a member of staff within the Office of the Clerk of the Board will contact you to schedule the hearing.  Staff may assist you with scheduling and may provide general, nonspecific information about the hearing process, but may not provide advice or act as an advocate for any party involved.

The Hearing

At your hearing, you may present any evidence, including documentary evidence, photographic evidence, and witness testimony, to the hearing officer.  The County department involved in the hearing may also present evidence supporting the adverse action that is the subject of the hearing.  The hearing officer will assess all relevant submissions and will provide a written decision with the hearing officer’s findings.

After the Hearing

Where the hearing officer has found in favor of the County department that has taken the adverse action, you may choose to appeal the hearing officer’s decision in the Superior Court.  Any inquiries relating to procedures and requirements for filing an appeal should be made to the Superior Court​.​​​​​

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