SCVHHS - Baby Match Technology Used at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

l. Purpose

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) maintains and operates Baby Match technology at the Mother Infant Care Center (MICC) and Pediatrics Unit at SCVMC. After the birth of a baby or upon a baby's admission to SCVMC, a banded tag shall be placed on the child and minimal information (child's gender and last name) shall be entered into the system to identify the child,  and the tag shall then be activated. Sensors shall be placed at certain access points in the facility, such as Pediatrics, Labor and Delivery, and Maternity. For safety and security purposes for the child, alerts are sounded for unauthorized movement or if the tag is improperly removed or tampered with. At discharge from SCVMC, the band shall be removed from the child, and the child's information is removed from the system and not stored.

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