Office of the Sheriff – L3 In-Car Video Recording System (Dash Cam System) (Revision)

The In-Car Video Recording System, referred to as the "Dash-Cam System" is currently composed of the Axon Fleet 2 Solution and shall be utilized to capture footage of people or events of interest during patrol and enforcement functions. The Dash-Cam System shall be attached to law-enforcement vehicles for the purpose of recording law enforcement interactions with the public, including a detainee/arrestee's conduct in the back seat of the law-enforcement vehicle. The Dash-Cam System shall be set up so that the cameras tum on when Sheriff s Office personnel activate the vehicle's emergency equipment or when the equipment is manually turned on by the operator. A search warrant is not required for the use of the Dash-Cam System.

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Surveillance-Technology and Community-Safety Ordinance

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