Office of the Sheriff – L3 In-Car Video Recording System (Dash Cam System) Camera (Redlined Since Preliminary Submission in 2017)

The L-3 in-car video recording system (“Dash-CamL3 In-Car Video Recording System” or “ (“L3 System”) is”), also known as the dash-cam system, shall be utilized to capture footage of people or events of interest during patrol and enforcement functions. The L3 System isshall be attached to law-enforcement vehicles for the purpose of recording law enforcement interactions with the public. The L3 System shall be set up so that the camera turns on when Sheriff’s Office enforcement personnel activate the vehicle’s emergency equipment. A search warrant is not required for the use of the L3 dash-cam system. The L3 System shall be affixed to Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicles, and may be affixed to other Sheriff’s Office vehicles. Patrol vehicles not affixed with the L3 system due to mechanical issues or budgetary constraints shall not be in violation of this Surveillance Use Policy. The L3 System consists of DVR model FB2-K and Camera MVDC300E, both of which are manufactured by L3 Technologies (formerly L-3 Communications Holdings).

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Surveillance-Technology and Community-Safety Ordinance

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