Office of the County Executive Reentry Resource Center - Security Cameras

The Santa Clara County Office of Reentry Services collaborated with the Santa Clara County Sheriffs Office to create this Surveillance Technology Use Policy for the On Guard Security Camera System at the San Jose Reentry Resource Center at 151 West Mission Street.

The Sheriffs Office facilitates alternative sentencing programs at the Reentry Resource Center seven days per week which include Public Service Program, Weekend Work Program, Custodial Alternative Sentencing Program (CASP), and Reentry Corrections Program Phase II (RCP II). The participants in the CASP and RCP II programs are allowed to serve the remainder of their jail sentence in the community under supervision by Sheriff Deputies. The Reentry Resource Center is open to the public providing a wide array of services and supervision support to Santa Clara County residents recently released from incarceration.

The purpose of the Reentry Resource Center security camera system, currently a Honeywell Lenel system with fixed cameras in several public access areas inside and outside the facility, shall be the following:

  • to deter potential crimes from being committed;
  • to allow Sheriffs Deputies to observe the area surrounding the building, monitor and investigate what is happening inside and outside the building in real time, record any crimes that may occur onsite, assist in catching criminals if a crime occurs, and determine the exact time a crime may have been committed.

Easily observable signs shall be posted throughout the Reentry Resource Center notifying visitors that they are being monitored by video surveillance cameras.

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