Office of the County Executive Equal Opportunity Department - Audio Recorders

The Equal Opportunity Department's (EOD) mission is to assist the County Government in creating and managing a diverse organization where respect, empowerment, and inclusion are the way the County does business. The EOD provides comprehensive services to the County in compliance with Federal and State laws, and County Policies, including administering a discrimination/harassment/retaliation complaint process for employees and applicants for employment; administering the County's Reasonable Accommodation Policy and Procedures, and training the County workforce in the prevention of Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation; Diversity; and Reasonable Accommodation.

In furtherance of its investigative function, unless prohibited by law, County policy, or County labor contract, it shall be permissible for EOD staff members to use EOD audio recorders to record interviews and verbal statements related to the EOD's administrative investigations. This Policy shall not include the use of audio recorders on County mobile/cellular phones and County computers, because a Countywide Surveillance Use Policy covers those devices.

Currently, EOD uses Philips voice tracer audio recorder(s) DVT 4000 or 4100.

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