Finance Agency - Security Cameras Surveillance Use Policy (September 2018)

This Surveillance Use Policy shall be for the Finance Agency and its departments: the Controller-Treasurer, the County Clerk-Recorder, and the Department of Tax and Collections.

The Finance Agency (Agency) shall maintain and operate security cameras for the purpose of monitoring access to restricted records, monetary transactions, and banknote paper; assisting with transaction inquiries/complaints; and creating a safer environment for all those who visit and work at all the departments of the Agency in a manner that also protects their privacy. The security camera system is currently made up of the following cameras from Arecont Vision: Model 3456DN, Model 12366DN, Model 3256PMTIR. Information and images produced by the system(s) are intended to assist with the safety of the Agency's employees and public; respond to law enforcement inquiries or provide local authorities with images or video clips of potential suspicious activity; and, to monitor proper handling and control of our restricted records, monetary transactions, and banknote paper.

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Surveillance-Technology and Community-Safety Ordinance

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