District Attorney's Crime Laboratory - Digital and Multimedia Evidence Unit Software and Hardware

The Santa Clara County District Attorney's (DA) Crime Laboratory's Digital and Multimedia Evidence Unit (DMEU) utilizes specialized software and hardware (DMEU Tools) to extract, process, analyze, or enhance data from various types of digital devices (including, but not limited to, computers, cellular phones, tablets, thumb drives, and audio and video equipment) associated with the investigation of a criminal (or in some cases, civil) case or activity. Some of these tools unlock passcode-protected devices. The data retrieved using the DMEU Tools includes computer files, e-mails, contacts, digital images, audio and video files, and other multimedia files. The number of different specialized software and hardware utilized by the DMEU for this purpose is many, and to disclose publicly the DMEU's fuIl capabilities for recovering data from digital devices associated with criminal (or civil) activities, has the potential to compromise the investigations of these crimes.

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