District Attorney's Crime Laboratory - Access Card and Biometric Fingerprint Systems

The Santa Clara County District Attorney's (DA) Crime Laboratory, situated at 250 West Hedding Street, San Jose, is a secure building and site that is accessible to only authorized personnel via a Lenel United Technologies electronic ID badge/access card system and high security Medeco metal key system. This Surveillance Use Policy supplements the Countywide Surveillance Use Policy for Facility Access Control Technology, since this Surveillance Use Policy contains certain information that is specific to the Crime Laboratory. Facility access control levels shall be determined by the Crime Laboratory Director based on specific Crime Laboratory assignments that require access into specified areas within the building. Sensitive areas within the building, including rooms where evidence or firearms are stored, shall be accessible via a combination of a Lenel electronic access card and a BioScrypt biometric fingerprint reader. This additional level of security ensures that access is granted by the Crime Laboratory Director to only the individual to whom the access card is issued.

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