We need your help to build a community map!

Communities of Interest are the building blocks of the redistricting process.

Communities of Interest are concentrated populations which share common social and economic interests that should be included within a single district for purposes of effective and fair representation. The 2021 Advisory Redistricting Commission (Commission) and the Board of Supervisors invite community members to submit a Community of Interest (COI) Forms and/or Maps. Submissions will become part of the public record, posted on this page, and reviewed by the Commission to inform the drawing of new supervisorial lines. Community members are also encouraged to submit a draft map at https://districtr.org/event/Santa_Clara_County. Maps must be submitted by October 25, 2021 to be considered by the 2021 Advisory Redistricting Commission at their final meeting on October 27, 2021. To view public community and draft maps submitted by the community, please visit  www.sccgov.org/2021redistricting/COI.

Present Your Community

Sign up to speak at a meeting of the 2021 Advisory Redistricting Commission by emailing the redistricting team at [email protected].

Inform Your Community

Help spread the word so your neighbors and friends can participate in the redistricting process. The County will be sharing content after each Commission meeting and below is sample content that can be used:


 As the community submits Public Comment, Community of Interest Forms, Communities of Interest maps, and proposed district maps they will be added to the redistricting website. They will also be noticed at the next scheduled meeting of the 2021 Advisory Redistricting Commission. 

Community Input

# Type Name District Link  to Mapping Software
1 Map Mt. View Senior Mobile Home Parks (MHPs):  5 https://districtr.org/edit/35988?event=santa_clara_county
2 Public Comment West Valley Communities of Interest:  1 and 5  
3 Map Sunnyvale:  3 and 5 https://districtr.org/edit/36905?event=santa_clara_county
4 COI Form Sunnyvale:  3 and 5  
5 COI Form Diridon Station  4  
6 Map Diridon Station  4 https://districtr.org/edit/41794?event=santa_clara_county
7 COI Midtown San Jose  4  
8 Map Midtown San Jose  4 https://districtr.org/edit/41802?event=santa_clara_county
9 Public Comment City of Sunnyvale  3 and 5  
10 Map East Milpitas  3 https://districtr.org/edit/50007?event=santa_clara_county
11 COI Valley View Reed  4  
12 Map Valley View Reed  4 https://districtr.org/edit/51500?event=santa_clara_county
13 Public Comment Cities from Leagues of Women Voters of Santa Clara County  Cities  
14 Public Comment City of Sunnyvale  3 and 5  
15 COI Korean American Community  4 and 5  
16 Public Comment Korean American Community  4 and 5  
17 Public Comment Korean American Services  4  
18 Map DistrictR Partial Map  2 https://districtr.org/edit/58306?event=santa_clara_county
19 Map Little Portugal  2 https://districtr.org/edit/58544?event=santa_clara_county
20 Presentation Equality California LGBTQ COI  Countywide  
21 Presentation League of Women Voters COI  Countywide  
22 Presentation Commissioner Nguyen Valley View Reed  4  
23 Presentation Commissioner McAllister Campbell  4  
24 Presentation Commissioner Velazquez  Santa Clara 4  
25 Presentation Commissioner Malone Renters  5  
26 Presentation Commissioner Tom Palo Alto  5  
27 Presentation Commissioner Zoglin Mountain View  5  
28 Presentation Commissioner Hong District 2  2  
29 Presentation Commissioner Pham District 2  2  
30 Presentation Vice-Chairperson Staedler District 2  2  
31 Map CommUniverCity  2 https://districtr.org/edit/59414?event=santa_clara_county
32 Map Los Gatos  1 and 5 https://districtr.org/edit/59513?event=santa_clara_county
33 Map Sunnyvale El Camino Real Corridor  5 https://districtr.org/edit/59659?event=santa_clara_county
34 Map Sunnyvale Caltrain Corridor  5 https://districtr.org/edit/59678?event=santa_clara_county
35 COI CommUniverCity Service Area  2  
36 Public Comment Asian Law Alliance  3  
37 Map District 3 Commissioner  2 and 3 https://districtr.org/edit/60112?event=santa_clara_county
38 Map Santa Clara University Neighborhood  2 and 4 https://districtr.org/edit/60790?event=santa_clara_county
39 Map Seat 8 Sample  Countywide https://districtr.org/edit/61278?event=santa_clara_county
40 Map Equal and Equitable  Countywide https://districtr.org/edit/61598?event=santa_clara_county
41 Map Greater Gardner Neighborhood  District 2 https://districtr.org/edit/61853?event=santa_clara_county
42 Map Onward and Upward  Countywide https://districtr.org/edit/62093?event=santa_clara_county
43 Map VRA Compliant Under 5%  Countywide https://districtr.org/edit/62105?event=santa_clara_county
44 Presentation Chairperson Smith District 3  3  
45 Presentation Commissioner Tan  3  
46 Presentation Commissioner Cooper  1  
47 Map Downtown SJ  2 https://districtr.org/edit/63182?event=santa_clara_county
48 Map Shared Constituencies  Countywide https://districtr.org/edit/63193?event=santa_clara_county
49 COI Low-Income Residents in Sunnyvale  Countywide  
50 Presentation Commissioner Alvarado Morgan Hill  1  
51 Public Comment Unity Mapping Table  Countywide  
52 Map Unity Mapping Table  Countywide https://districtr.org/plan/63279
53 Presentation Commissioner Burnias  3  
54 Map Balanced  Countywide https://districtr.org/edit/63546?event=santa_clara_county
55 COI San Martin  1  
56 Public Comment San Martin  1  
57 Map Edit of 62105  Countywide https://districtr.org/edit/63774?event=santa_clara_county
58 Map No Divided Small Cities  Countywide https://districtr.org/edit/63806?event=santa_clara_county
59 Map South County Rebalance  Countywide https://districtr.org/edit/64085?event=santa_clara_county
60 Public Comment CARAS  1 and Countywide  
61 COI CARAS   1 and Countywide  
62 Public Comment Unity Map  Countywide  
63 Public Comment Unity Map  Countywide  
64 Public Comment Unity Map  Countywide  
65 Public Comment Unity Map  Countywide  
66 Public Comment Unity Map  Countywide  
67 Public Comment Unity Map  Countywide  
68 Public Comment Unity Map  Countywide  
69 Public Comment Unity Map  Countywide  
70 Public Comment Unity Map  Countywide  
71 Public Comment Unity Map  Countywide  
72 Public Comment Unity Map  Countywide  
73 Public Comment Unity Map  Countywide  
74 Public Comment Unity Map  Countywide  
75 Public Comment Unity Map  Countywide  
76 Public Comment Unity Map  Countywide  
77 Public Comment Unity Map  Countywide  
78 Public Comment Unity Map  Countywide  
79 Map Edit of 63774 Rural N County Switched  Countywide https://districtr.org/edit/65630?event=santa_clara_county
80 Map Location Based  Countywide https://districtr.org/edit/65703?event=santa_clara_county
81 Public Comment 3 Different Map Options  Countywide  

What is a Community of Interest?

California law defines a Community of Interest as a population which shares common social and economic interests that should be included within a single district for effective and fair representation. We need you to submit your Community of Interest Form describing where people with your shared social and economic interests live to inform the drawing of new supervisorial districts.


Some examples of Communities of Interest may be:

  • Senior citizens

  • Recent immigrants from the same country/region

  • LGBTQIA+ communities

  • College students living near campus

  • Residents who share a common language or culture

  • People who use the same public transportation

  • People who live in an industrial, rural or urban area

  • People who use the same parks and recreation areas


How Communities of Interest shape future County of Santa Clara’s Supervisorial Districts

Every ten years, U.S. Census data is used to redraw the County of Santa Clara's supervisorial district boundaries. The Board of Supervisors established the 2021 Advisory Redistricting Commission to ensure robust community participation in the redistricting process. Communities that share common interests, cultural ties, or other social and economic similarities are the building blocks of supervisorial districts, The Commission wants to ensure the County’s districts consider your community and wants to hear from you how boundaries should be drawn. Complete this form to tell the Commission about your community of interest and help ensure one person, one vote.


Why is Your Community of Interest important in the redistricting process?

The County serves the community in many ways: providing safety net services such as access to affordable housing, healthcare, and child welfare services; overseeing land use in unincorporated areas; and protecting public health and safety. Communities of interest are kept together in districts as much as possible to ensure they can influence those policy decisions of the Board of Supervisors. The Commission wants to know:

  1. Does your community have a shared culture, interests, activity, business, or bond?

  2. Does your community live in a concentrated area? Can you draw your community on a map? Is there density within your community (many people in your community living closely together)?

  3. Describe how your community is affected by policy decisions made by the Board of Supervisors. (County services include housing, health care, elections, parks and recreation, child welfare, and public benefits)

It is important to remember that your input can best be used by the Commission to draw new maps if it addresses all three of these questions to describe your community of interest.

More information about County services, agencies, and departments can be found here: https://www.sccgov.org/sites/scc/gov/Pages/gov.aspx

You can find a map of the County’s current supervisorial districts here: https://board.sccgov.org/sites/g/files/exjcpb936/files/2021-06/scc_all_districts_map.jpg

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